Yingling Aviation
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Early Bird News

If things don’t change, there may not be enough of them to keep planes flying!

Yingling’s Lynn Nichols accepts Wichita Aero Club Trophy
Aero Club Honors Yingling Aviation & CEO Lynn Nichols
Aero Club Honors Yingling Aviation & CEO Lynn Nichols
Plane being assembled
Yingling Aviation’s Lynn Nichols Featured in Aviation Week & Space Technology
Aviation Week & Space Technology published a featured article on Yingling Aviation & CEO Lynn Nichols.
Reports have been received of cracks in the tailcone reinforcement angle, stabilizer hinge bracket and stabilizer. Noncompliance with this service letter may allow crack(s) to go undetected. Undetected cracks may cause structural failure of the horizontal stabilizer and could result in the loss of control in flight.
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